Straight Outta The Abyss

Primer 9/24
So close!

You’re so close to freedom you can almost taste it!

As you ventured into Ubiquitous, Luna (and her mysterious open-all keyring) led you as far as the illithid quarters before planar-jumping with Ayo. You explored the courtyard and common area while Luna and Ayo scouted the Astral Plane for Gith, and then met back up in the chamber of Ubiquitous itself, the massive elder brain monster. It didn’t attack, but prevented you from aiding your allies, forcing Ayo to jump into Ubiquitous’s whirlpool tank with Luna and disappear. Although you weren’t successful in slaying the monster, you escaped with your lives intact and made it through the next few rooms. You discovered a brain library and reliquary, with several strange items including the remains of devoured brains that were once preserved in curio jars. You also discovered a sinister laboratory, and a butchery with all the meat still intact. Through all the rooms, the citizens of the colony seemed to have ripped each other to shreds as the dark spore plague took over. All in all, the remains of this colony tell a grim tale of life even before the plague.

There’s only one path remaining, and it must lead to the nautiloid ship. But can you control it without your mind flayer ally?


Ashley pointed out during the session, we can’t possibly get to the surface in this, because that would end the campaign. That’s not true, we will definitely escape the Underdark unless you guys do something horribly wrong. Not saying it will be next week, but these escape opportunities are all real. Bring your character sheets!!!!!!!!

Primer 9/17
No session today

Sorry about the off week. Besides the hurricane, I was sick anyway. Since we didn’t meet and 2 people missed last week, ask any in or out of character questions you have for the npcs in the comments, and I’ll answer even if you didn’t get that info during the session.

Last week, we arrived on a cave landing on the north side of the Darklake. There, our group split into 3 smaller groups, and the other 2 disappeared into the mist. We found a small fishing village, abandoned and covered in glowing fungus, and then found another ghost town with a large treehouse. Inside the treehouse, we found an abandoned camp and looted the 2 backpacks. Upstairs, the doors and windows were covered in scratch marks and the furniture was overturned. We found a set of children’s blocks that spell out messages when they are placed on a surface—such as KILLLORDJUIBLEX and RECEPTIONAT1200.

On our way out, we were stopped by highwaymen and a case of mistaken identity. The bandits, Luna and Ayo, were a derro and mind flayer looking to prey upon drow, but found us instead and offered to let us stay in their camp, which we already looted. After returning some of their items, Ayo told us that a spore plague wiped out the area, and that he’s been unsuccessfully researching a cure. However, he can cure individual cases that haven’t progressed very far, and neither he nor Luna seem to be concerned about catching it themselves. He also told us that the disease runs its course in about a week, at which point the affected will either die or become a spore zombie. Some people, such as Sarith, seem to be resistant to the infection’s progression. Ayo also explained that this village, Ledrask Village, was under control by a nearby mind flayer colony called Ubiquitous and used to breed slaves. He offered to try and take us into Ubiquitous, where we could have maps of the Underdark and a space ship called the nautioloid, but he wasn’t sure if any zombie mind flayers remained.

We decided to sneak away and try the other direction, and went into the Silken Paths. However, we picked the wrong path, and ran into a giant spider in a collapsed tunnel. Rather than try the other 11 paths, we went with Ayo and Luna to the supposed entrance to the tunnel. They used psionics to lift the rock slide and we discovered that they were right about the secret entrance. Inside, we fought a zombie chuul guardian.

At this point, we have 3 options. We can continue into the colony, potentially facing powerful and alien enemies. We can try the Silken Paths, potentially getting lost forever or ending up somewhere entirely wrong. Or we can go back onto the Darklake, and try to sneak past the angry aboleth guarding the waters. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to decide, as the sound of dozens of drow spider riders can be heard right behind us.

This week, I won’t penalize you for metagaming a little. Some of you have knowledge of the Underdark including valuable information about aberrations. Since you are all rookie players, it might help to go look up a little bit about mind flayers and the other aberrations nearby, like the chuul and the aboleth. You don’t need to memorize their stat blocks, but think about doing a little googling to see what their whole deal is and specifically what they like to eat and how their societies function.


Primer 9/3
You solved my daycare puzzle

You have successfully navigated the Darklake and seem to have thrown your drow pursuers….for now. After witnessing a massive monster destroy your favorite vacation spot, the fishing town Sloobludop, you made a run for the docks and stole a fishing boat large enough for you and most of your friends to fit. Sorry, Buppido. After a few days of aimless but uneventful paddling you came across an island stocked with a mushroom grove and a healthy population of tasty undersquirrels. You got some needed sleeps on and then decided to investigate a small pillar of smoke rising from the grove. There you found the happy home of Nanny Plunk’s Darklake Preschool. It’s a good thing that you convinced her that you were all friends, because she was a green hag, and wanted to eat you like all of those unfortunate adventurers’ children that never made it to kindergarten. You may not have had time to hunt undersquirrel, but you did discover the Darklake Claw Machine, and acquired 3 items: the Fuckerchief, an exploding carnelian, and an unusual quantity of surface lumber.

Now, approaching banks of the Darklake, you were able to level up to 4. Your plan is to move another week north towards Blingdenstone, the deep gnome (called svirfneblin) city where you can regroup and come up with a more permanent escape plan. However, you know that Blindgenstone brings you very close to Menzoberranzan, the City of Spiders. Stool and Sarith have both suggested moving on to Neverlight Grove, the realm of myconids where you will be treated well and protected. Eldeth and Gweyr have both suggested trying to reach the dwarven city of Gauntlgrym, but neither know how to find it.


Everyone except Drow Pummeler can just make out what seems to be another village dock on the water, and a town behind it that almost seems to glow. Worse, you can hear something in the water. Something big.

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